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In the 21st century, new technologies have long ago become ordinary and familiar to a man. Many people do not even think about the purpose of their creation, but they only enjoy their advantages.

LIFEGALAXY.BIZ breaks stereotypes and bets on an unexplored, new fantastic future. The company is ready to leave the confines of the planet and start exploring the vastness of space.

The Milky Way is gradually becoming a full-fledged platform for the development of innovation technologies that could significantly improve the country's economy and personal budget. Nowadays, space exploration is becoming a modern way of earning money and it can generate tremendous profits.

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Tarif plans

Percent per day5%
10$ min
5000$ max
Period 30 days
Depositincludedin profit
Percent per day2%
150$ min
10000$ max
Period 20 days
Percent per day2.5%
300$ min
50000$ max
Period 30 days
Deposit return


LIFEGALAXY.BIZ cooperation assumes reliable and strong relations. The company offers an absolutely transparent accounting system, an elementary investment system and regular earnings. In such a case, you can withdraw your funds in various ways, not only in currency.

An investment project is also opened for the owners of bitcoins. Crypto-currency is relevant for the investments too.

Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, the user will quickly understand all the rules of the service. LIFEGALAXY.BIZ employees are always ready to provide a clear consultation on the project and on the work with it.

Convenient Investment Deposit

The deposit amount is from 10 to 50 000 dollars.

Reliable Money Turnover

Money transactions are legalized and absolutely transparent.

Соsmic Percentage

The investment program gives generous percentages to its depositors.

Referral Program

1 level
you attracted an investor personally
2 level
attracted by investors of the 1st level
3 level
attracted by investors of the 2nd lower level

LIFEGALAXY.BIZ service offers to use the referral program for obtaining an indirect income. It consists of three levels that help to benefit from attracted investors.

In fact, the hierarchy of attracted investors is being built. This process is endless, as well as, in fact, getting profit from it.